Our service dogs are individually trained to assist children and adults with disability to become more independent in their daily lives. Rather than relying on other people or assistance devices, many of our partners are able to rely on their service dog instead.

Each dog is trained in basic behaviors and specific tasks, which may include:

  • Performing basic obedience skills
  • Walking in a controlled manner
  • Retrieving objects
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Doing balance work
  • Pulling a manual wheelchair
  • Turning light switches on and off
  • Pushing buttons
  • Finding and retrieving a cordless phone
  • Purchasing items in stores
  • Going under tables, chairs, and benches
  • Ignoring food and other hazardous objects on the floor
  • Alerting for help
  • Providing light or deep pressure
  • Locating the child they’re partnered with
  • Responding to seizures
  • Interrupting repetitive behaviors
  • Alerting to anxiety

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