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Who We Are

Keystone Human Services works to create an environment where all people, regardless of ability, can grow, make choices and be valued and contributing members of the community.

Young man exercises on treadmill and smiles for the camera.

What We Do

Keystone Human Services provides community-based services for children, young people, adults and families in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C., as well as parts of eastern Europe. We provide services in the areas of intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health, early intervention, and children and family services.

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Top Stories

Dana Olsen Receives 2014 Dr. Joseph Adlestein Professional Leadership Award

The 2014 recipient of the prestigious Dr. Adlestein Professional Leadership Award is Dana Olsen. This award is presented to a person who has shown exceptional leadership and advocacy for men, women, and children to live meaningful lives in the community. Through his work with the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) from 1973 to 2009, Dana served as the lead writer in the Medicaid waivers that significantly reduced the number of people in state centers. His advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities continues to this day after his retirement from State Government.

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Mark Ritter Receives the 2014 Edna Silberman Humanitarian Award

Each year, the Edna Silberman Humanitarian Award is presented to an outstanding citizen who has made significant contributions to individuals, the community, and Keystone Human Services and has played a major role in making Keystone's vision real in the lives of others. This year, Mark Ritter was honored as the recipient of this award. Mark began his career with Keystone in 1980 as a service director for Keystone's intellectual disabilities services in Harrisburg. In 1989, he volunteered to open Key Human Services in Connecticut, which has now expanded throughout the state and serves some of the most vulnerable people in the community. Although he has retired from Keystone, he continues to be a powerful advocate for vulnerable individuals throughout the community.

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Enroll in Capital Area Head Start

Enrollment for Head Start and Early Head Start for the 2015-2016 school year is open. If you are pregnant or have a child age 0-5, call Capital Area Head Start at 717-541-1795 to enroll.

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Felty, Chabaku Receive Education for Service Award

Dennis Felty of the Elizabethtown College class of ’68 and the late Rev. Motlalepula Chabaku of the class of ’81 received the Educate for Service award last October at the President’s yearly dinner.

This year, Felty received the award for service through professional achievement. Felty dedicated his career to helping children and adults who suffer from mental illness and disabilities.

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An Interview with Dennis Felty at the Clinton Global Initiative

During the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative, Dennis Felty was interviewed about human services and the driving force behind Keystone’s important work. He said, “Keystone’s purpose was to support people with disabilities to be able to really be part of society and really contribute their gifts to the world.”

Dennis Felty Talks about the Importance of Compliance

Recently, Dennis Felty, president of Keystone Human Services, talked with our Compliance Department about compliance and ethics and their role in everything we do at KHS. At its very fundamental level, compliance ensures that we are actually doing what we say we're doing. It's a balance between contractual and regulatory obligations and our ethical, vision, and values driven obligations. Compliance helps us honor our commitments to our funders and most importantly, to the people we serve.

Read the interview with Dennis Felty

Not Hidden Away: Social and Financial Inclusion for Women and Girls with Disabilities

At the Clinton Global Initiative on September 24, Dennis Felty announced Keystone Human Services' newest commitment to serving people with disabilities: the Social and Financial Inclusion of Women and Girls with Disabilities. Over the next three years, KHS will be working to create entrepreneurial and workforce opportunities for women with disabilities and women who are caregivers of children with disabilities. We will also assist women and girls to leave institutions and join the community.

Read more from Dennis Felty about our Clinton Global Initiative Commitment.

Read the Inclusive Employment Blog

Did you know that everyone can work? With support from family, friends, schools, human service agencies, and businesses, people with disabilities are taking steps to find successful inclusive employment. On our new Inclusive Employment blog, we discuss the hows and whys of giving people the opportunity for inclusive employment, as well as some of the challenges. Read the blog and join the conversation.

Read the Inclusive Employment blog

Employment Resource Center

Keystone Human Services believes that everyone can be a contributing member of society and that being employed is an important part of a person's involvement in the community. KHS provides support for individuals to use their abilities to become a vital part of the workforce. The online Employment Resource Center provides resources for employers and people seeking employment, as well as success stories of people who have successfully found and maintained employment.

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The First World Report on Disability

The World Health Organization and the World Bank have partnered to produce the first ever World Report on Disability. The data shows that over one billion people are currently experiencing disability, and the report provides important evidence about effective methods of supporting people with disabilities and their families. At a time when many countries are taking steps to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, this report will make a significant contribution to human services across the globe.

Read the World Report on Disability.

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