Inclusion Press (external website)
Inclusion Press is a small, independent printing press that publishes materials on inclusion, diversity, community building, MAPS, PATH and more.
Grove Consultants International (external website)
Grove Consultants International provides materials and workshops for team building, organizational development, graphic planning and more to help organizations and individuals implement change.
Capacity Works (external website)
As the publishing company established by Dr. Beth Mount, Capacity Works provides materials on the Person-Centered Planning process and the Personal Futures Planning tool.
Imagine (external website)
Imagine is a website maintained by Dr. David Pitonyak that provides insight and resource materials about developing friendships and natural supports.
ELP Learning Community (external website)
The ELP Learning Community provides resources for anyone interested in Person Centered Thinking and Planning, particularly the use of the Essential Lifestyle Plan.
Helen Sanderson Associates (external website)
Helen Sanderson Associates provides information on Person Centered Approaches, Planning, Thinking and Skills. Their website also includes many resources available for download.
John O’Brien (external website)
John O’Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien produced a number of documents on person centered planning, community building and innovative services.