People working together on a wall chart during a workshop

In 2006, the Keystone Institute created the Person Centered Planning Facilitator’s Institute to improve the lives of vulnerable people through creative processes, empower the individuals we serve to lead the way to the future, and coach and mentor experienced facilitators in the community.

We focus on educating, mentoring and coaching people who wish to become masterful facilitators in a variety of person-centered tools, including MAPS, PATH, Personal Futures Planning, Essential Lifestyle Planning, Person Centered Thinking Skills and many others. Our experienced faculty lead participants through a challenging curriculum that emphasizes developmental growth and peer-based teaching and learning.

Participants in our Facilitator’s Institute receive the benefits of ongoing support and networking. After completing the course, Facilitator’s Institute graduates continue to work together to co-facilitate person-centered planning throughout the Keystone family of agencies and develop new ideas and solutions together, continually sharpening their skills.

This seven-part course is open to both Keystone employees and interested members of the community.

For information about the Facilitator’s Training Series, please feel free to call the Keystone Institute at 717-909-9425.