Keystone Institute provides education, consultation and opportunities for exploration around some of the most important questions surrounding the work of being of service to vulnerable people in our society today.

Keystone Human Services founded the Keystone Institute in 1999 to preserve, teach, and share the values, beliefs, and core principles held within the vision of Keystone Human Services. We provide extensive national and international education and consultation in the areas of de-institutionalization, creating responsive community supports, Social Role Valorization, and respectful individualized planning.

Since Keystone Human Services’ inception in 1972, powerful and enduring ideas have shaped our commitment to helping vulnerable and marginalized people to take their rightful place in our society, and have access to the “good things” of life – things like belonging, acceptance, freely-given relationships, true home, valued work, and an ability to develop and contribute their gifts to the world. The concepts and principles of Social Role Valorization, social and economic justice, individual autonomy and freedom, natural supports, highly individualized, flexible support, and the developmental model have been enduring concepts interwoven into the fabric of our organization.

“Where there is passion, there is hope.”

Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger

At the Keystone Institute, we offer extensive and sequential education building on ideas associated with helping people to have rich and full lives. We bring these ideas to people directly associated with Keystone—employees, family members, people served—and our community, other service organizations, and stakeholders in the work of promoting equity, inclusion and full participation for people with disabilities and other devalued conditions. We have been intentional in helping people prepare increasingly for taking leadership roles in many different ways, and we know that our activities will help prepare many people for important roles of responsibility and leadership in the work of promoting the well-being, contribution, and social value of those who live on the margins of society.