Keystone Moldova

Keystone Moldova promotes the social inclusion of all people and provides community-based services and supports for people and families living in difficult social situations in the Republic of Moldova. Founded in 2003 by Keystone Human Services International, Keystone Moldova is a registered nongovernmental organization based in Chisinau, Moldova. We advocate for and with people with disability so all people can be included and accepted as valued members of the community.

Sustainable Social Services

Keystone Moldova works with the government, local public authorities, and human services professionals to develop the legal framework and regulations for sustainable social services for children, adults, and families with disability.

Inclusion for All People

Through our work, people with disability have left the institutions and joined the community, where they live, work, and go to school. Many others have received the support they need to prevent them from being institutionalized, so they can continue to live among their family, friends, and neighbors and fully enjoy all the opportunities the community has to offer.

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