Keystone Human Services International

Keystone Human Services International (KHSI) promotes strong, culturally relevant community-based human service systems and equal rights for children, adults, and families throughout the world so that all people can fill culturally valued roles and have equal access to all society has to offer.

Through our own initiatives and partnerships with other organizations, governments, leaders, and advocates, we are part of a global movement toward inclusion for all people.

Our International Work

Keystone Moldova

Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association promotes the social inclusion of people living in difficult social situations, including people with disability, supporting them to live, work, go to school, and fully participate in all the community has to offer. Keystone Moldova works with the government and local public authorities to develop the framework for sustainable community-based services and supports.

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Keystone Human Services in India

In India, Keystone Human Services is working to improve the lives of people with disability and energize a growing national movement toward a more just and inclusive Indian society where all people are valued and belong. Keystone Institute India, a project of KHS in India, provides extensive consultation and education around developing responsive, effective, and inclusive supports to help move toward belonging, acceptance, and a rich community life.

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Other International Initiatives

KHSI has provided training, consultation, and technical assistance on inclusion and developing and implementing community-based services for governmental agencies, human services professionals, advocates, and other leaders. All of these initiatives aim to create inclusive communities where people with disability and their families are welcomed and accepted.

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Disability Inclusive Disaster Management: Social Inclusion and Health Priorities through the Lens of the Puerto Rico Disability Community Relief Network

Side event to the 12th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

On June 11, 2019, Keystone Human Services organized a panel of experts and activists from Puerto Rico and the mainland United States to explore disaster management, social inclusion, and the potential of stakeholders across sectors to work together to involve and support people with disabilities.

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The June Summit - Speaking Up for yourself and others

Growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak has regrettably led us to cancel the June Summit for 2020. Our foremost commitment is to keep our employees, people we support, volunteers, and partners safe as we help protect the health of our communities.

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Zero Project Awards for Innovative Practice

In 2019, Keystone Moldova received two Zero Project awards for innovative practices in supporting people with disability and promoting inclusion. The Community for All-Moldova program supports people with disabilities to leave institutions and live in the community. The Forum Theater uses interactive performances to teach students to stop discrimination and advocate for and with people with disability.

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