Established in 1989, Key Human Services, Inc. (Key) expands Keystone’s vision of community-based support programs to the State of Connecticut. Key’s purpose and mission is to act as a change agent for people with disabilities, creating opportunities that encourage growth and meaningful life choices while assisting persons in finding home, health, friends, work, and presence in their communities. With support from the Department of Developmental Services, the Department of Social Services, and the Department of Children and Families of the State of Connecticut, Key provides a selection of services and supports, such as community living arrangements (group homes), individual supports, nursing services, and Birth to Three, to people with disabilities.

Key is a subsidiary corporation of Keystone Human Services and is governed by a community-based board of directors.

What We Do

Key Human Services, Inc. creates opportunities for men, women and children to grow and make meaningful life choices and provides assistance in finding home, health, friends, work and a presence in their communities.

Key Human Services, Inc. provides Nursing Services, Community Homes, Autism Services, Birth to Three, Individualized Home Supports, Community Training Homes and Individualized Day Support.

Our Services

Community Living Arrangements

Community Homes support men and women to live in a home within their community. While living in Community Homes, men and women receive support to realize their personal potential and pursue independent, productive and meaningful lives.

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Individual and Family Support

  • Autism Services
  • Community Training Homes
  • Individualized Day Support
  • Individualized Home Supports

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Nursing Services

Comprehensive Nursing Services address the needs of men, women and children with developmental disabilities. Nursing services includes RN on Call, which makes a registered nurse available 24 hours a day. Nurses are also available to contract with other agencies.

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Birth to Three

This early intervention program provides direct services and supports to children who have a significant delay and their families. Provided in the child’s home or community, Birth to Three supports children to develop at a pace similar to their peers.

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Autism Services

In 2008, Key began providing services under the Connecticut Autism Pilot. In this program, young adults with autism receive supports designed to increase their independent participation in the community. Services range from life skill coaching and community mentors to behavioral support services based on individual goals and personal choice. This cutting edge program has rapidly grown.

We strive to provide high quality services and that means making sure that all of our staff are educated about autism and autism services. All of our staff who work within this program must complete a mandatory intensive educational series on autism and pass a test by the State of Connecticut in order to maintain their employment. The education series ensures that all of our employees understand the needs of individuals with autism so that they can provide better, more individualized supports. We have a master’s level clinician on our staff who is available to provide behavioral support. Our behaviorist is available to answer questions from individuals, families and support professionals.

Each person in the program receives an individualized support plan, and we try to design the least restrictive plan for each person’s safety and success. Our program managers work with each person and the direct support professionals to develop social stories and checklists to support scheduling and transitions.

Jacob, a young man who receives services in this program, recently shared his story of success with us. Before he began receiving support, he felt very disorganized and often experienced meltdowns. His grades were failing, even in his favorite and best college subject, art. After two years of supports, however, he says that his life has completely changed. His life is now structured with goals and processes that work for him. He has many friends and is successful in his college classes. He is very active socially on campus, and he is the vice president of the gaming club. Jacob now volunteers in a classroom teaching art to children at Animation One in Hartford, and he facilitates a social skills group. He has set goals for his future and is always looking forward in order to achieve them.