Keystone Human Services’ Intellectual Disability Services is dedicated to supporting people to live meaningful lives in the community. We encourage long-term relationships and stress the importance of natural supports, individuality, respect, choice, and the dignity of risk. In recognizing that people with disability are members of our society and can live successfully in their own communities, we have helped reunite families and strengthen relationships. We have seen friendships flourish where none had existed. We have seen people lead lives of tremendous richness rather than deprivation.

Our mission has remained constant: To act as a change agent, creating opportunities for growth and meaningful life choices so that all people can be valued and contributing members of their communities.

Dispelling the Myth

It was once believed that some people with very challenging behaviors could not be served in their communities. Keystone recognizes that these behaviors are often symptoms of trauma and other treatable causes and has demonstrated that with intensive therapeutic supports, people previously thought to be unable to leave hospital settings can be served safely and successfully in the community.

We believe that this has been possible because of the vision of Keystone Human Services. This vision has guided us since 1972 as we developed our services and worked to create a better and safer world for everyone.

What We Do

Intellectual Disability Services serves men and women with intellectual disability, providing supports so they can make meaningful life choices and be valued, contributing members of their communities.

We provide Behavior Support Services, Community Participation Support, Life Sharing Services, Residential Services, and Supported Living Services.

Our Services

Behavior Support Services

Located in Pennsylvania and Delaware, Behavior Support Services are designed to increase individuals’ independence and inclusion in family and community life by increasing their adaptive behaviors and functional skills. Each person receives an individualized plan based on their strengths, challenges, and goals.

Community Participation Support

Community Participation Support provides each person with the opportunity to achieve their personally identified goals for community participation. Used as an alternative to a traditional day program, individuals and families choose the type and amount of service participation that is supported through the individual service plan. Transportation is included.

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Lifesharing Services

Lifesharing gives people the opportunity to grow, learn, and pursue their goals in a family environment. The person with a disability and the family or individual person choose to live together and share their lives. Lifesharing providers are actively involved in the person's life, providing assistance, support, and guidance.

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Residential Services

Individuals live in licensed or unlicensed provider owned or rented homes, and are supported to acquire, maintain, or improve their skills to live more independently and participation meaningfully in the community.

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Supported Living Services

Each person receives support to live in their own home and acquire, maintain, or improves the skills necessary to live more independently. Participation in the community and use of community resources is emphasized. Transportation is provided, with some exceptions.