Autism Services

Keystone Autism Services provides services for adolescents and adults with autism. We encourage and actively support growth, positive individual choices, and meaningful relationships. Our individualized, flexible programs are designed to meet the needs of each person so they can pursue their goals and live full, meaningful lives at home, school, work, and in the community.

Careers with Keystone Autism Services

Are you interested in a career supporting people with autism to live full lives in the community? Start your new career with Keystone Autism Services.

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Portrait of Hillary McFadden

Entrepreneur Creates Braille Menus

Hillary McFadden enjoys eating international cuisine, but because she has a vision impairment, she's unable to read restaurant menus independently. Recognizing an unmet need, she's now starting her own business creating Braille menus for local restaurants. Hillary was featured on the cover of October 2019 issue of Business Woman.

Our Services

Adult Community Autism Program

The Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) offers flexible services and supports to men and women with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to assist them to develop skills to reach their goals and participate meaningfully in their community. Services are tailored to each person’s specific needs and can be readily modified as needs change.

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Adult / Adolescent Vocational Autism Initiative of Lehigh (AVAIL)

AVAIL is designed specifically to meet the needs of adolescents and young adults as they navigate change and explore opportunities, including transitioning from high school, pursuing employment and higher education, and increasing  their independence in their home and community. Individuals must live in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania and be between the ages of 12–35.  Families play a role in developing natural and community supports.

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Education and Training in Autism Spectrum Disorders

We provide training in Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Adult Community Autism Program to physicians, dentists and other types of health care providers, as well as to the community, so that providers and the individuals who receive services can be successful.

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