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Within Keystone we have a great responsibility for the stewardship of the resources entrusted in our care, including working diligently to create services that are effective, accessible and affordable.

Fiscal integrity is an essential quality of community and government supported services. Because of the importance of our work, we endeavor to assure our constituencies have confidence in our financial system, business practices, contract compliance and knowledge of how resources are being utilized. Moreover, our constituencies can feel confident resources are applied in a manner that efficiently serves consumers and the community.

Today, companies desiring to achieve a level of success recognize the importance of developing and implementing an effective compliance program and plan. Corporate compliance programs, sometimes referred to as integrity or ethics programs, are company-wide policies that establish an organization’s commitment to providing services in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

At Keystone we believe our success not only depends on the quality and level of care we provide the individuals we serve, the business relationships we establish and maintain, and the support and involvement of our local communities, but also on the trust and integrity that embodies our reputation.

Consistent with our commitment to performing at the highest standard of ethical business conduct, we developed and implemented a Compliance Code of Conduct (PDF, opens new window). The Code of Conduct clearly identifies each person’s role in Keystone’s Compliance Program and provides guidance to ensure that we are complying with all applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations to prevent improper conduct.

Our Board Members are responsible for providing oversight and making policy decisions that are carried out by the officers and other employees. Consequently, the term "employee" referenced in our Code of Conduct (contained in the plan) also includes Board Members and Officers.

Keystone is committed to assuring all employees perform their job responsibilities with integrity, pride and excellence.

Thank you for your interest in Keystone’s Corporate Integrity and Compliance Program Plan. If you have any questions about our program or Code of Conduct, please contact:

Corporate Compliance
4391 Sturbridge Drive
Harrisburg, PA   17110