SSD very seldom has dogs or puppies available for adoption. We have a 60% placement rate with the puppies that we breed. If we decide that one of our puppies is not suitable because of health or temperament reason to become a service or hearing dog we find a suitable place for this dog. We have three options for that dog:

  1. We can find a new career for that dog. Some of our dogs have joined the state police or the CIA. Some become special pets to a child or adult with a disability or special needs.
  2. We can offer the puppy raiser the opportunity adopt the pup they raised.
  3. We can place the dog with a suitable family who will be a good match with this wonderful pup.

Because of careful breeding and serious puppy classes, the adoption fee is $1,590. The adoption fee to a puppy raiser is less.

If you are interested in adopting one of our released pups, please fill out the following application. Please note: It is possible that the waiting time may be four years or longer. SSD will contact you only if a dog becomes available that fits into your lifestyle.

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