Meet the 19th Amendment Litter

SSD Lentil gave birth to seven Labrador retriever puppies on September 8, 2020—three black females, two yellow females, and two black males. Everyone is doing well!

Everything the puppies experience during their first eight weeks helps to prepare them to become assistance dogs. You can help them gain new experiences and set them up for success by donating an item from our puppy wish list.

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These puppies are named in honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which guarantees voting rights to women.

Name Color Sex Collar Color
Seneca black female pink collar
Rankin yellow female blue collar
Ida B. black female purple collar
Catt yellow female green collar
Frances black female yellow collar
Wilson black male orange collar
Douglass black male red collar

SSD Seneca is named for Seneca Falls, NY, the site of the first women’s rights convention in 1848, which launched the women’s suffrage movement.

SSD Rankin is named after Jeannette Rankin, the first women elected to Congress and a suffragist.

SSD Ida B. is named in honor of Ida B. Wells-Barnett, a former slave who became a journalist, activist, and researcher fighting for civil rights and women’s suffrage.

SSD Catt is named for Carrie Chapman Catt, a suffragist, peace advocate, and founder of the League of Women Voters.

SSD Frances is named after Frances E. W. Harper, a poet, lecturer, abolitionist, suffragist, and the first African American woman to publish a short story. In addition to women’s suffrage, she worked for equal rights, job opportunities, and education for African American women.

SSD Wilson is named after Woodrow Wilson, the US president who eventually supported the women’s suffrage movement and lent his voice in favor of the 19th Amendment.

SSD Douglas is named for Frederick Douglass, who escaped slavery and spent his life as a social reformer, abolitionist, and suffragist. He attended the Seneca Falls Convention in support of women’s rights.

As you watch them on the puppy cam, here are some milestones to look for:

Week 1:
Puppies twitch and move a lot in their sleep. They use their sense of smell to explore their surroundings.
Week 2:
The puppies’ eyes and ears open, and the pups begin crawling backwards.
Week 3:
The puppies start standing and begin to play.
Week 4:
The puppies should be actively playing with each other and wagging their tails. They’ll also start eating out of a dish.
Week 5:
Puppies start playing with toys.
Week 6:
The puppies are learning how to really use their paws and mouths and control their bodies.
Weeks 7-8:
Puppies are almost fully developed. You should be able to see the pups’ personalities.

These future service dogs will need puppy raisers soon!

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Thank you to the Brenner Family
for their generous support of this puppy cam!

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