Meet the Team Foster Heroes Puppies

On December 13, we welcomed the Team Foster Heroes puppies to the world. SSD Jana gave birth to three females and four males.

This litter is sponsored by Team Foster, a nonprofit organization that supports veterans. For 2017, their focus is on sponsoring service dogs for veterans affected by combat-related disabilities.

You’ll be able to watch the Team Foster Heroes eat, sleep, play, and grow on the puppy cam. You’ll see different objects in the whelping box, and you may even see the puppies taking trips to different parts of their whelping family’s home. All of this is to prepare them to become service dogs.

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Here are a few milestones to look for:

Week 1:
Puppies twitch and move a lot in their sleep. They use their sense of smell to explore their surroundings.
Week 2:
The puppies’ eyes and ears open, and the pups begin crawling backwards.
Week 3:
The puppies start standing and begin to play.
Week 4:
The puppies should be actively playing with each other and wagging their tails. They’ll also start eating out of a dish.
Week 5:
Puppies start playing with toys.
Week 6:
The puppies are learning how to really use their paws and mouths and control their bodies.
Weeks 7–8:
Puppies are almost fully developed. You should be able to see the pups’ personalities.

Want to raise one of these puppies? Apply now to become a puppy raiser. We also need lots of puppy sitters to take care of the pups when their raisers can’t take their puppies with them.

Apply Now to Become a Puppy Raiser

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Thank you to the Brenner Family
for their generous support of this puppy cam!

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