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Susquehanna Service Dogs Puppy Raiser Application

Before completing this form, please review the following list of responsibilities that Susquehanna Service Dogs expects you to do with your puppy. Early experiences help insure success in later training!

  • Lots of love and snuggling
  • Lots of daily exercise – long walks, runs and panting puppies
  • Diligence with housebreaking
  • Regular attendance to SSD puppy classes (2-3 times per month)
  • Special games at least twice a week
  • Car rides all the time
  • Walks in populated places
  • Walks in parks and forests – especially important for young puppies to increase their learning capacity
  • Go inside to new and interesting places at least once a week
  • Take the puppy to meetings so it learns to wait quietly
  • Discourage barking, except during playtime
  • Absolutely NO feeding from the table – use the dog dish ONLY.
  • Purchase food. This is the only cost the foster family is responsible for.

To begin the application procedure to volunteer your home to help raise a service dog puppy, please provide the following information.

Application to Provide a Temporary Home for a Puppy Being Raised to Become a Service Dog

(* denotes required information)

Contact Information
Home Information

  • Single Family Home
  • Apartment
  • Attached Home
  • Trailer

  • City
  • Suburbs
  • Rural

  • Yes
  • No

  • Yes
  • No

  • Yes
  • No


  • Yes
  • No

  • Yes
  • No

  • Yes
  • No


Please list at least one person who knows you well, from whom we can obtain a reference.

THANK YOU for your interest in Susquehanna Service Dogs. When you have completed the entire form, please click on the SUBMIT APPLICATION button below. Your request will be processed as soon as possible. You will be contacted regarding an interview to determine the feasibility of placement of a dog in your home and the availability of a dog for placement.

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Assistance Dogs International

Susquehanna Service Dogs is a fully accredited member of Assistance Dogs International.


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