Susquehanna Service Dogs
1078 Gravel Hill Road
Grantville, PA   17028
Robert Bausinger, Regional Director for Keystone Service Systems
Oversight of SSD for the CEO of KSS
rbausinger @

SSD Staff

Pam Foreman, Director
pforeman @
Carolyn Cass, Kennel Maintenance
ccass @
Kara Henderson, Dog Trainer
kdonohue @
Lauren Holtz, Puppy Development Coordinator
lholtz @
Vikki Lagaza, Administrative Coordinator
vlagaza @
Tricia Lingenfield, Puppy Program Coordinator
plingenfield @
Amanda Nicholson, Director of Training and Breeding
anicholson @
Kelsey Parsons, Dog Trainer
kparsons @
Vicki Potteiger, Dog Trainer
vpotteiger @
Deb Tack, Partner Coordinator
dtack @