The Student Assistance Program provides supports to assist students to succeed in school. Students who may be experiencing behavior or academic challenges are supported through school and community resources.

The Student Assistance Program provides mental health consultation to all school districts in Dauphin County. In elementary, middle, junior and high schools, student assistance teams, which include school personnel and mental health professionals, and the program’s mental health consultants, identify, assess and refer students who may be at risk of drug, alcohol and mental health issues. Our staff also provide consultation on mental health issues to school personnel, students, families and community members.

Services provides through the Student Assistance Program include:

  • Consultant meeting attendance
  • Informal mental health assessments
  • Telephone consultation
  • Critical incident post-vention
  • Training for students and faculty members about mental health issues
  • Mental health related support groups

The mental health consultants are available to provide technical assistance to student assistance teams about the guidelines of the Student Assistance Program, including:

  • Implementation
  • Confidentiality
  • Liability issues
  • Policy development
  • Cultural competency
  • Group facilitation
  • Self care
  • Burnout

Mental health consultants may also provide technical assistance to maintain the facilitating team, including:

  • Team building and strengthening
  • Examination of team communication patterns
  • Conflict analysis and resolution activities
  • Review of the Student Assistance Program process and streamlining team functioning
  • Self-awareness activities
  • Evaluation of individual team member’s satisfaction
  • Team revitalization