In Structured Residential Services, men and women over the age of 18 live in a home-like setting with 24-hour support available. While living at this home, individuals are supported to enhance their personal strengths and rebuild family relationships and community connections that may have been lost over times of extended hospitalizations. Structured Residential Services provides a therapeutic environment that supports people to increase their daily living and community living skills so they can live more independently.

Men and women receive support from a diverse team of experienced mental health providers, including a psychiatrist, mental health professionals, nurses, rehabilitation specialists and a cook. Licensed as a Long Term Structured Residence, Structured Residential Services can maintain locked exits and serve people during involuntary commitments. Although this is the most structured residential program, recovery in the community remains the focus.

People using Structured Residential Services may also be enrolled in a mental health case management service and receive assistance in developing a network of community supports, which may include Peer Support Services, Supportive Living Services, Leadership Council, medical and dental services and specialized outpatient therapists.

Funding is provided by the county and the person’s county of residence, and each person is actively involved in developing their service plan as they prepare for their journey back to their community.