“Realizing that this journey itself is non-linear
the darkest clouds
can become opportunities for growth.
This journey is a process
that is only beginning to unfold.
The glimpse of the future that we have seen
shows us how much more is possible.
Walking together, making the recovery journey a reality.
We are the evidence that for all the risks
that this is a journey worth our commitment
for it is built on hope and a willingness to live with change.”

—KC, Recovery: In Our Own Words
Recovery in Our Own Words book jacket

Recovery: In Our Own Words is a collection of personal stories of recovery and transformation, based on the Ten Fundamental Components of Recovery (external website) from the National Consensus Statement on Mental Health Recovery, and shared by Keystone Community Mental Health Services' Leadership Council and Recovery Specialists. These are powerful stories of strength and inspiration, giving readers a message of hope for the future.

These stories reveal real people who are navigating their way to recovery from mental illness. Written in each person's own words, these stories give voice to their personal experiences, going far to dispel the stigma of mental illness. As one person puts it, “Today is my day and I have a mental illness, but I am not my mental illness.”

“I will keep on keeping on, because there are still more mountains to climb and beautiful vistas to drink in.”


Adult Mental Health Services firmly believes that people can and do recover from mental illness, and a positive part of that process is sharing stories about their lives.

We invite you to share in this message of hope. You can order your copy of Recovery: In Our Own Words. Each book costs $15, and all proceeds will benefit activities directed by the people Adult Mental Health Services serves. Shipping and handling fees vary depending on the number of books ordered.

You can also download a printable order form (PDF, opens new window).