Recovery is about opportunity – opportunities to make informed choices and be part of the decision-making process, to learn from others in recovery by sharing their stories and to create environments that allow for asking questions about services in order to improve them.

The Leadership Council helps to create these opportunities. The Leadership Council is a group of individuals at various stages of recovery who partner with KCMHS's leadership team to inform, educate and empower people to make decisions about their recovery. It makes sure that KCMHS’ services continue to address the needs of individuals and gives the individuals we serve a voice in the Recovery process.

What do members say about the Leadership Council?

  • It’s a voice for the future of KCMHS, allowing the voice of individuals to be heard as change happens
  • We share our expertise about supporting people in Recovery with Keystone
  • We network and solve problems together, supporting each other in work and education
  • We educate the public about Mental Health Recovery and the resources available in the community

What has the Leadership Council done?

  • Developed Recovery in Our Own Words, a book of stories and photographs about applying the principles of recovery in daily life written by persons in recovery at KCMHS
  • Worked with the KCMHS management team to develop a recovery-focused Purpose statement
  • Conducted a year-long evaluation of KCMHS’ services using the Call to Change Indicators, discussed the findings and developed strategies with the KCMHS management team
  • Presented workshops on “Making Recovery Real” throughout the community, including Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), Danville State Hospital and PMHCA
  • Continued participation in local educational and advocacy activities
  • Worked with Dauphin County as Focus Group Leaders and Teach Back presenters, discussing the impact of mental illness on daily life
  • Sponsored several Patriot Day picnics which have included Recovery Bingo, opportunities to network and presentations on recovery-based topics

Where is the Leadership Council going?

  • Increasing involvement in creating opportunities to reduce stigma by incorporating the skills of people in recovery with the local arts community
  • Continuing to work with the management team to provide educational opportunities and outreach to individuals in all stages of recovery so individuals and staff believe that recovery is possible and work toward that goal. We hold two meetings a month – one teleconference and one face-to-face meeting – and include people from all parts of the agency.
  • Advocating for individuals in recovery
  • Holding our second agency recovery assessment using the Drexel Indicators Call to Change. The assessment will include additional opportunities for feedback from the men and women who use our services.

To learn more about what the Leadership Council is doing, read our newsletter.