In Domiciliary Care, men and women are matched with families in the community who open their home to provide supports and share their lives. Domiciliary Care provides opportunities for each person to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Domiciliary Care Families provide comprehensive, person-centered supports for one to three individuals in the family’s home, including emotional support, nutritious meals, access to laundry services, assistance with personal care, medication management, medical appointment scheduling, transportation, and social/recreational opportunities.

We provide training for all our families, as well as assistance with problem solving, resources, and respite services.

Participating in Domiciliary Care is a richly rewarding experience, building enduring relationships.

Become a Domiciliary Family

To qualify as a Domiciliary Care Family, you must:

  • Be sensitive to the needs of others
  • Rent or own a home
  • Become certified in CPR and First Aid (We provide training.)
  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Pass criminal background checks
  • Provide financial and personal references
  • Provide a private bedroom in your home
  • Have homeowner’s insurance
  • Undergo an annual fire and safety inspection
  • Live in Dauphin County, PA

Training is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Keystone Human Services to become a Domiciliary Care Family. Training sessions will be provided by Keystone Human Services. All Domiciliary Care Families will receive compensation for opening their home. However, families must not require this compensation to meet their financial needs. Families cannot be related to the person receiving services in their home.

Once an individual joins a family, our staff will visit the home monthly to provide guidance and confirm that the individuals and families continue to be compatible. Each family may support up to three individuals in their home.

Eligibility Requirements to Receive Services through Domiciliary Care

To receive services and live with a Domiciliary Care Family, you must be:

  • Experiencing the effects of aging, intellectual disability, or mental illness
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Unable to live alone
  • Experiencing difficulty with daily living activities
  • Eligible for social security
  • Ineligible for 24-hour nursing care
  • Under the supervision of a Dauphin County Case Manager or Aging Care Manage

To become a Domiciliary Care Family or to apply to live with a Domiciliary Care Family, contact us at 717-482-8500 and ask for Domiciliary Care.