Wall chart from workshop
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Do you wish for a better life for yourself or perhaps for someone that you love? The Keystone Institute can help. With the Person Centered Planning Process, we can assist you to move closer to the life you want.

Person Centered Planning is an exciting solution-seeking planning process that brings people together around a person, family, team or issue to help create a vision of a desirable day and future, and develop concrete steps to move closer to that vision while building connections within the community.

Person Centered Planning works on the premise that a meaningful daily life and future do not need to be predetermined by current circumstances. Instead, people can and should state the direction of their own lives.

At the Keystone Institute, we focus on helping people be at the center of their planning in order to empower them to defend their social inclusion.

Powerful Tools for Change

Wall chart from workshop

The Person Centered Planning Process is brought to life by using a variety of vibrant, interactive tools and skilled facilitation.

Each tool has unique distinctions, and a skilled facilitator can guide a person, family or group in deciding which tool would assist them in their planning.

With these tools, it is possible to assist in developing more meaningful futures and valued social roles for people and organizations. Examples include:

  • Facilitating the inclusion of a child with a disability into a typical classroom and establishing support
  • Discovering the meaning of home for a person and assisting that person to create the circumstances necessary to achieve that dream
  • Graduating from high school and planning for college
  • Determining career goals and direction for a new job or job change
  • Expanding valued social roles
  • Getting “unstuck” from day to day life experiences
  • Exploring and developing a vision that uses interests, gifts and talents
  • Building a person centered team
  • Planning a personal or professional lifestyle