The Keystone Institute is committed to supporting the work within Keystone Human Services to advance the potential for people with disability to live full, rich, meaningful lives. We do so by strengthening the powerful organizational values that we all share through teaching foundational ideas and hosting provocative events that challenge our thinking, strengthen our shared commitment, and spark our creativity.

In this current environment, the challenges that face the people we serve and those of us in service to them are immense and represent threats to the well-being of individual people and our society. With the intent of deepening and strengthening all of us together and our work, the Keystone Institute offers Implementation Coaching Projects focused on building the core of our workforce in common values, assisting teams to implement good supports, and sharing the successes and challenges of our work.

Implementation Coaching Initiatives are project-based. Specific teams and work groups receive assistance and coaching to move forward in forging connections with people they serve in their local communities with typical people in valued roles. Keystone Institute staff offers mentoring and teaching support in community mapping, person centered methods, and of course, Social Role Valorization in individualized and integrated ways.

Matt Nguyen, Pam Seetoo, and many of the organization’s SRV and person-centered practice leaders participate in these projects as mentors, coaches, and facilitators. Implementation projects are designed in tandem with regional and agency leadership, and the Keystone Institute supports multiple implementation efforts for work teams within various regions and areas.

Work teams interested in pursuing such implementation projects should discuss them with your leadership and contact Pamela Seetoo at pseetoo @ for more information.