As Stanislav says, all people want to be treated with dignity and respect and to be treated as people, regardless of ability. And that is our vision and mission – to create an environment where all people have the opportunity to grow, make choices, and be valued, contributing members of the community.

Stanislav and his family shared their story with Keystone Human Services International with the support of the Joint Media Strategy Group (external website). The Joint Media Strategy Group, in conjunction with the Community for All-Moldova program (external website), is working to promote social inclusion by increasing the community’s acceptance of all people in Moldova. Working with various media outlets, the Joint Media Strategy Group is raising awareness about disability issues.

The Joint Media Strategy Group and Keystone encourage the community to see the positive qualities of people with disabilities and to look for similarities, rather than differences, between all people. When we see that we are all similar, we see that all people deserve respect, dignity and acceptance to pursue their goals and dreams.