Keystone Institute IndiaJhalak | झलक(Glimpse)

Welcome to Jhalak, a glimpse into some of the inspired actions, large and small, taking place across India toward an inclusive Indian society where there is a valued place for everyone. Over the past four years, thousands of us across India have been exposed to ideas and ways of thinking that are exciting, challenging, and a bit daunting. These idea sets include the introduction of tools to advance highly individualized inclusive practices, with the higher-order framework of Social Role Valorization laying the foundation.

We've left workshops and facilitated discussions deeply strengthened by the networks and bonds of a shared vision, but sometimes also feeling distanced and alone as we seek to communicate our vision of living and working and sharing life alongside people with disability. We recognize that this transformation toward making the good things of life available to all, including people with disability, is a part of what India has to offer a world which appears more divided every day.

Our purpose within Jhalak is to offer a glimpse of some of the ways that people and organizations across India have put the elegantly simple but also paradoxically complex roots of Social Role Valorization to work in transformative ways, even if they are seemingly small steps. We bring them to life through words and images, and invite you to reflect on how small change agentry steps are exceedingly brave and poignant in a world that prefers distance and segregation. Some are practices related to the direct life changes experienced by people with disability and their families, and others are organizational change efforts that are part of a broader transformative effort.

Consider it a bit of a curated "clearinghouse" of vision converted to action, of small steps forming the fabric of our movement towards equity, justice, and full, rich, meaningful lives. We encourage you to share and celebrate the work of building this inclusive house. After seeing the glimpses offered, you may consider submitting other action steps you are aware of to highlight, inspire, and challenge our community.

Lastly, we must thank the small but mighty Rajasthani SRV implementation group for forming this idea, for setting us on this path, and for providing a spark from which this small fire grew.