Disability Inclusive Disaster Management: Social Inclusion and Health Priorities through the Lens of the Puerto Rico Disability Community Relief Network

Organized by Keystone Human Services International

A panel of experts and activists from Puerto Rico and the mainland United States explored disaster management, social inclusion, and the potential of stakeholders across sectors to work together to involve and support people with disabilities.

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Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Institutions: Lived Experiences and Ways to Achieve Deinstitutionalization

Organized by Inclusion International
Co-sponsored by Keystone Human Services

Panelists shared their experiences with institutionalization and discussed the challenges and lessons learned from working in partnership with the government for alternatives to segregated, institutional models of support.

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Just Include Me: Making Social Inclusion and Good Health a Reality for All of Us

Organized by New South Wales Council for Intellectual Disability
Co-sponsored by Keystone Human Services

Panelists shared personal and professional experience as they explored the link between social inclusion and health and how stakeholders can work to improve health care for people with disabilities.

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