Life Sharing is built on the principle that every person has the capacity to engage in lifelong learning. Individuals are supported to acquire, maintain, or improve the skills necessary to live in the community, live more independently, and participate meaningfully in community life.

Life Sharing is provided in private homes by a contracted host family who are not related to the participant or by a host family that is related to the person.

Services may also be provided within the person’s own home where an unrelated host family moves in and share the person’s home as their primary residence.

The host family is actively involved in the person’s life and is responsible for providing care and support according to the person’s service plan. They provide assistance, support, and guidance in:

  • Self-care
  • Health maintenance
  • Decision making
  • Home management
  • Personal resources management
  • Communication
  • Mobility and transportation
  • Relationship development and socialization
  • Personal adjustment
  • Participation in community functions and activities
  • Use of community resources

Life Sharing services may be provided up to 24 hours per day. Using an assessment and person centered planning, the type and amount of assistance, support, and guidance are determined by the person’s assessed need for physical, psychological, and emotional assistance.

Behavior Support Services are included in Life Sharing to support the person in managing their mental health diagnosis and emotional wellness, including self-management of their emotions.

Nurse Consultants are available through Keystone Human Services to support the individual, their family, and the host family in developing practices that promote good health.