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Keystone Partnership

In 1990 the Keystone Foundation, later the Keystone Partnership, was founded to provide fundraising and community development services to support of Keystone's mission. Janet Nanorta served as the Partnership's first Board Chairman and Ann Moffitt continues to serve as the Partnership's founding director.

Ray Gagne

In 1990 Ray Gagne and Dennis Felty met at Dr. Wolfensberger's Moral Coherency conference in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Ray and Dennis had a discussion about Ray coming to work for Keystone as an educator, teaching and lecturing about his experiences living in an institution. In his ten years as an educator with Keystone, Ray had a profound impact on many people, helping them to better understand the life experiences and capacity of people experiencing severe disabilities. Ray passed away in March 2001. Ray will be missed by all who knew him. Ray's life story, a biography written in 1985, preserves his experiences and insights for those who will come after him.

Keystone Family Support Associates

Keystone Family Support Associates was founded to provide services for children and youth. KFSA provided services in Dauphin and Lancaster Counties and in July of 2000, assumed the lead in developing services for families on the waiting list for intellectual disability services. In 2011, KFSA was integrated with Keystone Residence to form Keystone Human Services Central PA. These services are now provided through Keystone’s Intellectual Disability Services.

Tri County Easter Seal Society

Child on slide

Tri County Easter Seal Society (TCESS) joined Keystone on May 1, 1995, becoming an important part of Keystone Human Services today. TCESS brought a rich history of 78 years of community service to the work of Keystone. Don Enders, the Past Board Chairman of TCESS became the Chairman of the Keystone Partnership and other TCESS Board Members joined Keystone's Board and Membership. Elaine Bogar a long term community volunteer for Tri County Easter Seals received the Edna Silberman Humanitarian award in 1997.

Tri-County Crippled Children's Association

Incorporated on February 20, 1928, this organization has a long history of working with the community to provide quality services for people with disabilities who reside in Dauphin, Perry and Cumberland counties. At its onset, the association was an affiliate of National Easter Seals and functioned as a volunteer committee providing assessments, transportation and home visits to children with disabilities. The first employee was hired in the early 1940s. This individual, the Executive Secretary, was hired to administer services and seek help for children with special needs. Active programming began in 1947 with speech and physical therapies and a play center. Pre-school services began in the 1950s.

As these programs expanded and additional services were offered, the need for permanent space grew. The agency operated out of shared space in four different locations up until this point. A bequest from the estate of James R. Appleby and broad community support made possible the establishment of the current Derry Street facility. The building was dedicated in October 1961 and occupied by four employees (the executive director, a secretary, a speech pathologist, and a physical therapist).

With the move and ever-increasing demand for services by both children and adults, the name of the agency was changed to Tri-County Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Inc. This name was used from 1961 until 1978, when the agency changed its name to the Tri-County Easter Seal Society for the Handicapped, Inc.

The name Tri-County Society for Children and Adults, Inc. was adopted in November of 1995 to acknowledge that services are available to children as well as their caregivers, the community at-large, and adults with disabilities.