Men and women with disabilities are making significant contributions to the work place. Not only can they fulfill business needs, but they bring specific benefits to the job. People with disabilities often are more reliable than other employees, increase safety in the workplace, and keep productivity stable. By being open to employing individuals with disabilities, businesses can ensure that they truly find the right person for the job.

Keystone Human Services has a vision where all people, regardless of ability, can grow, make choices, and be valued and contributing members of the community. As part of the United States’ Employment First (external website) policy, KHS looks to pursue employment for working-age youth and adults, and KHS is committed to partnering with local businesses to create economic growth in our communities.

“To me, a job means self-reliance, not just taking money from somebody, but working hard for it.”

Chris B.

Learn more about employing people with disabilities and employment incentives for your business.

To contact a KHS representative or to notify us about a job opening within your business, please contact Al Hermantin at ahermantin @ or call 717-412-7400.