Robert Baker, CEO
rbaker @
Julie Rizzo, Executive Director
jrizzo @
Kimberly Siegfried, PhD, Clinical Director
ksiegfried @
Stacy Buchmann, Cumberland County Team Leader (ACAP)
sbuchmann @
Keyon Mallory, Chester County Team Leader (ACAP)
kmallory @
Kharrin Sadler, Dauphin County Team Leader (ACAP)
ksadler @
Brian Smith, Lancaster County Team Leader (ACAP)
bsmith @
Jennifer Hernandez, Associate Clinical Director
jhernandez @
Dan Rossi, Director of Provider Relations
drossi @
Katherine Talada, Director of Employment (ACAP and KASVI)
ktalada @
Christy Clark, Director of Supports Coordination
chclark @
Nathan Myers, Director of Health Services
nmyers @
Nathan Strenger, Director of Education
nstrenger @
Michael Reeser, Service Director
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