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Career planning is a service that provides support to the participant to identify a career direction; develop a plan for post-secondary education and/or achieving competitive, integrated employment at or above the minimum wage.
Job Finding is a service that provides assistance to the participant in developing or securing competitive, integrated employment that fits the participant’s needs and preferences and the employer’s needs. Job support consists of assistance with learning job tasks, periodic follow-up or ongoing support with individuals and their employers.
Home and community-based services are provided to individuals who need assistance in the acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to living and working in the community.
Review of Eligibility Requirements
  • Be an individual identified as having autism (Special education identification and documentation as a student with autism and/or medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Age 14–25 years at the time of enrollment
  • Must reside in Lehigh County during application and while receiving services
  • Capacity to perform activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, eating, using the toilet)
  • Not exhibit levels of extremely problematic behaviors that present a danger to self, others or threat to property or require direct supervision to ensure health and safety

In order to receive the maximum benefit of services, applicant will also need to meet the following criteria:

  • Participant must have a flexible schedule to accommodate up to six hours of services a week
  • Active parental/family engagement
  • Collaboration with IEP team with applicable
  • Minimum four month commitment of individual and parent
  • Individual must identify current/future goals to obtain and/or maintain completive employment and/or post-secondary education
  • Not currently enrolled in a program which would result in a duplication of services
Participants meets above eligibility requirements

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