As part of our comprehensive services and supports, we have compiled a directory of service providers that belong to the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) Provider Network. This directory is easy to use and allows you to search for and select the provider of your choice. All of our providers have received educational training about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our network of providers includes primary care physicians and family medicine, and specialty services. To find a provider near you, select a service, the county, or both from the drop down menus. Your Supports Coordinator will arrange all of your behavioral health and medical health services, as well as arrange transportation to and from services, when needed.

If you don’t see your preferred service provider on the list, you can request that Keystone Autism Services contact them about becoming part of our network. Please advise an ACAP staff member (Community Supports Professional, Supports Coordinator, Behavioral Health Specialists, or other team member) of the provider name, practitioner name, and phone number. You can also contact the Director of Provider Relations at 717-220-1465 ext. 423 or the Medical Claims Processor at 717-220-1465 ext. 421.

View a printable 18-font directory (PDF, opens new window)

To find a provider, use any or all of the options below: