Portrait Robert  A. Scott

Dr. Scott currently works as a professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Education. He received his doctorate in individual and family studies from Penn State, and his major research and teaching has focused on motivation and achievement, personality theories, cognitive development, family systems, cultural influences in treatment, and strength-based assessment approaches with children and youth. He has published and lectured on these topics throughout the United States and Europe. Prior to his appointment at the Penn State University School of Medicine, he worked as a counselor in the juvenile justice system and a psychiatric hospital.

Dr. Scott serves as president of R. Scott Associates, where he and his associates provide state-of-the-art training and consultation for private and public organizations in the areas of strategic planning, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, management and supervision, leadership, achievement, motivation, clinical documentation, and individualized treatment planning.

A native of Reading and a Marine Corps veteran, Dr. Scott and his wife, have three daughters. He has been a Keystone Board Member since 1990.