Dr. Robert Colman came to know and respect Keystone’s work in Harrisburg in the early 1970s, soon after beginning to work on patient rights issues as a professor of social science and psychology at Penn State Harrisburg (then Capitol Campus). He supported the movement of people out of state institutions and into well-run and adequately funded community-based services. From the 1970s until 2000, Colman focused his work on the Behavioral Science programs at Penn State Harrisburg, and particularly on what became the Master of Arts Program in Community Psychology and Social Change, as well as on various local social issues. A social and community psychologist, he holds degrees from Harvard University (A.B.) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (M.A. and Ph.D.).

In 1994, Dr. Colman accepted an offer to join the Board of Keystone Service Systems (KSS), and eventually joined of the Corporate Membership of Keystone Human Services (KHS), and both the Keystone Human Services Parent Board and the KHS International Board. He cycled off the KHS Board and rejoined the KSS Board in 2011, serving on its Quality and Finance Committees. He then rejoined the Keystone Human Services Parent Board in 2013 and continues to serve as an active Board Member and as a member of the Policy, Finance and Executive Selection Committees, the latter of which has the task of identifying and recommending Keystone’s next leader at the eventual retirement of its Founding President Dennis Felty.

Since retiring from Penn State in 2000, Dr. Colman has continued to work with the American Red Cross in its Disaster Mental Health Services and has been deployed to several locations around the country, including a Respite Center at the World Trade Center. Dr. Colman has served on the Boards of other non-profits in the area, in support of environmental activities and the arts. He lives on Front Street in midtown Harrisburg near a former Keystone property, happy to see the Susquehanna River flow by.