Portrait Jo Ann Curado Ausman

Jo Ann Ausman has been in business management since age 17 when she managed a camera store for several years. She then became involved in consumer finance, recruited into a management training program for Avco Financial Services. Following that, she worked in mortgage lending and was an apprentice appraiser, did collections, and eventually became a vice president for Bank of America, where she worked in premier banking for the top 10% and emerging high-end clients. Subsequently, she was invited to join US Bank in Los Altos, CA, one of the highest income areas in Northern California, as branch manager.

After building the Los Altos Branch, Jo Ann was approached by a head hunter for a wealthy Chinese businessman, with both US- and China-based businesses, who wanted someone creative and steeped in business to start a chain of Western restaurants in China. Jo Ann had always dreamed of learning more about the Chinese culture; she had been born in Taiwan while her father was stationed there with the US Government. She also desired to do mission work overseas, and this was the perfect opportunity to do it.

While in China, she helped start the restaurant chain, assisted with product development for a startup fusion project with a former banking client from Silicon Valley, did educational TV, radio, and newspaper programs, assisted with the Miss China pageant for several years, co-created a travel agency, and taught English as a Second Language to private students from 4 years of age to adults. She learned Mandarin, experienced Asian Culture, and much more.

Now, Jo Ann is a licensed Realtor® with Howard Hanna Real Estate in Hershey, PA. She has traveled extensively throughout her life and has always had a strong desire to assist in the development of disadvantaged people in all parts of the world. She is a Committee member for ChocolateBall and other KHS Committees. She is also a member of the New Member Development Committee for the Harrisburg Chorale Society and a member of the Harrisburg Civic Club. Her hobbies include travel, gourmet cooking, photography, and gardening.