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Unique Qualities of Non-Profit Organizations

We believe that Community nonprofit organizations bring unique qualities to the provision of services and supports to people and the community. These are enduring qualities and have great value to the people who use services -- particularly in a world of increasing information technology. Dramatic changes are moving though American Society and politics. Technological advances, privatization, competition from billion dollar multinational corporations, shifting demographics, international economic integration and the shrinking role of government all affect the nation's voluntary sector. At the same time nonprofit organizations have never been more important to American Society.

The unique qualities of nonprofit organizations in US Society offer several essential and fundamental qualities, these include but are not limited to:

  • Transcendent purpose
  • Retained earnings are reinvested in the system
  • Community connectedness
  • Long term stable ownership and control
  • Absence of conflict of interest in ownership & governance
  • Grass roots political support & influence
  • Powerful consumer role in governance
  • Accessible and responsive local governance
  • Long term perspective
  • Charitable and volunteer support
  • Preservation of community capital
  • A historical & essential role in American Society

We believe the nonprofit sector will play a pivotal and influential role in the emerging human service system and within society in general. It will do so because it will be able to add value specific to its nonprofit status as well as organize system and community capacity into effective, efficient and competitive systems of care.

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