November 27, 2018 is #GivingTuesday,
a global day dedicated to giving.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 in one day to help fund the perfect match between a person and their service dog!

Fund the Perfect Match

Why should you give?

The perfect match changes a person's life!

"When I had my first service dog, the change was almost night and day. Suddenly I was able to pay attention. Suddenly I was able to relate to people. Suddenly people had a desire to relate to me. When I was approaching retirement for that dog, I knew I needed a new service dog. As soon as I started being with SSD Blake, I felt that feeling of calm, of focus again. I know Blake is going to continue to help me in my life, to make my life not just better but livable in a lot of ways."

—Nathan Selove

Your gift makes a difference in people's lives!

How your gift helps

Your donation supports Susquehanna Service Dogs through every step of matching and training a service dog.

You're supporting the process of creating the perfect match:

  • Reviewing applications and interviewing people to learn what type of service dog would be best for them
  • Meet the Dogs, where each person has the opportunity to interact with several dogs to find out if they could be a good match
  • Advanced training, where each dog is individually trained to assist their partner
  • Team training, where service dogs and their partners learn to work together as a team

And of course, you're helping to provide the equipment and dog care necessary to make everything happen.

  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses for each dog
  • Food for the dogs in advanced training
  • Veterinary care

Our goal is to make sure that each dog fits into their partner's life and enhances it. Thank you for supporting Susquehanna Service Dogs and helping to make these perfect matches possible!

Fund the Perfect Match