December 3, 2019 is #GivingTuesday,
a global day dedicated to giving.

When you donate to Susquehanna Service Dogs on GivingTuesday, you're helping to train and place life-changing assistance dogs.

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Why should you give?

Assistance dogs change lives!

"Since Troop entered my life, I am no longer alone. Doors are no longer barriers that confine me to my house. Objects such as my phone are brought to me at my request. Troop turns lights on and off, and he assists me with adjusting my clothing and blankets. All of this is done with an enthusiasm that brightens my day and allows me to face my many challenges with renewed vigor."

—Dave Long, partnered with SSD Troop

Your gift makes a difference in people's lives and in your community!

How your gift helps

With your donation, you are helping to continue to train our dogs, partners, and raisers.

This training includes:

  • Skilled service dog training
  • Ongoing training and support for partners and raisers
  • Puppy and adult dog evaluation
  • Enrichment opportunities for the dogs
  • Veterinary care
  • Medical and clinical testing
  • Breeding and whelping care

Our goal is to make sure each dog fits seamlessly into their partner's life and enhances it. People have reported that with their assistance dog by their side, they are better spouses, parents, friends, students, employees, and community members.

Thank you for supporting Susquehanna Service Dogs and helping to change lives!

Give Now (external website)