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Susquehanna Service Dogs Campus Puppy Raising Programs: Dickinson College

Two labs sit on stone pillar in front of Dickinson College stone block sign

Our Campus Puppy Raising Program at Dickinson College is offered through Dickinson Dog House (DDH), a student-run Special Interest House on campus. DDH began raising puppies for Susquehanna Service Dogs in the spring of 2014. Unlike many collegiate puppy raising programs that use a 1:1 raiser to puppy ratio, DDH takes advantage of many students throughout Dickinson’s campus who may not live in the house as full time puppy raisers.

Dickinson Dog House has four full time puppy raisers that live in a house on campus, known as the Dog House. Residents of the Dog House attend regularly scheduled puppy classes through SSD and act like any other puppy raising family. In addition to the full time puppy raisers, DDH has approximately 60 student volunteers (Pack members) who are part of the DDH club. Pack members act as puppy sitters and additional handlers and trainers throughout the day for the service puppies in training. All students who directly interact with SSD dogs go through all orientation and introductory classes. 

In addition to raising puppies, DDH whelps litters, housing a brood and her litter until the puppies are eight weeks old.

DDH is overseen by students on the Dog House Board, the house manager, and three campus faculty and staff advisors.

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Susquehanna Service Dogs is a fully accredited member of Assistance Dogs International.

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Susquehanna Service Dogs is a full member of Animal Assisted Intervention International.


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