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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

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Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation provides flexible services for individuals with disabilities. Services are provided to promote psychiatric stability and independent live, and people can choose whether they want to receive services at home or in the community.

This service is offered when an individual is unable to attend an agency-based (site-based) psychiatric rehabilitation program. Men and women may also use Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation if their recovery goals require them to be very involved in the community or if they are already active in the community and need mobile services to continue to successfully participate actively. An individual may also request Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Services may provide assistance with:

  • Personal recovery goals
  • Health and wellness education
  • Identification of community resources
  • Development of a support network, and much more

Agency (Site-based) Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

The Keystone Center

The Keystone Center is a licensed agency (site-based) Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program committed to supporting and empowering men and women on their personal journey of recovery. While working together, we explore opportunities for the development of community-based, hope-filled relationships.

We intend to support growth and positive individual choices that lead to lives filled with dignity, respect and valued social roles.

The Keystone Center serves adults who are living with a severe or persistent mental illness. The Center is located in Chambersburg, PA and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Each person who attends the Keystone Center

  • Develops their own individual rehabilitation plan with the assistance of a certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner.
  • Has the opportunity to develop a personal health and wellness activities program.
  • Has the opportunity to develop personal computer skills.
  • Is given the opportunity to develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan.
  • Is provided with a variety of recovery-based methods of skill building.

Each person identifies goals on their individual rehabilitation plan and then works to achieve them. Every ninety days, we work with each person to review their goals and make adjustments if necessary.

The majority of the activities are done in a group, but the program does offer individual sessions and support for each person.

Services are provided by certified psychiatric rehabilitative practitioners, who offer flexible hours and transportation. The Keystone Center’s services work collaboratively with other community-based resources in Franklin and Fulton Counties.

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