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Lancaster County

Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP)
Designed to serve men and women ages 21 or older with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ACAP provides supports to assist individuals to develop the skills they need to reach their goals and participate meaningfully in their community. ACAP's wide variety of services are flexible and tailored to each person's specific needs. Services include but are not limited to employment and vocational support, independent living services, in-home support and comprehensive health care services.
Autism Services
All of our autism services are person-centered and address the needs and goals of individuals with autism and their families. The goal of services is to increase each person's ability to live independently and actively participate in the community.
Autism Waiver Program
Separate from ACAP, the Autism Waiver Program is a Medicaid Waiver program designed to support adults with autism. The Autism Waiver is administered by the Bureau of Autism Services and provides home- and community-based services, including residential, vocational, in-home and leisure time services.
Community Homes
Community Homes support men and women to live in a home within their community. While living in Community Homes, men and women receive support to realize their personal potential and pursue independent, productive and meaningful lives.
Community Residential Rehabilitation Services
Through Community Residential Rehabilitation Services, adults and young adults in recovery from mental illness have the opportunity to live in the community while they gain skills to become more independent. Adults and young adults live in supportive, homelike living arrangements with supports available 24 hours a day, if necessary.
Comprehensive Autism Evaluations
Using our Comprehensive Autism Evaluations, children may receive a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. If a child does have a diagnosis of autism, they and their family can receive guidance for available services and prompt access to services and treatment approaches.
Domiciliary Care
Domiciliary Care Homes provide a supportive, homelike, community-based living arrangement for adults experiencing mental illness. With access to supports 24-hours a day, individuals receive assistance in developing skills and have opportunities to be successful in the community.
Education and Training in Autism Spectrum Disorders
We provide training in Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Adult Community Autism Program to physicians, dentists and other types of health care providers, as well as to the community, so that providers and the individuals who receive services can be successful.
Individual and Family Support Services
Individual and Family Support Services supports people to live in their own home or with their families. Our professional staff provide services to support people to make healthy choices and keep families together.
Lifesharing Thru Family Living
In Lifesharing (also known as Family Living), men and women live with host families who have opened their home to provide supports and share their lives. Enduring relationships are formed, which are the foundation of developing life skills and self esteem, as well as a rich family, community and civic life.
Peer Support
Peer Support Services offer men and women in recovery from mental illness supports from our Certified Peer Specialists. Peer Support helps individuals to gain control over their recovery and participation in the community and helps give them a voice in the services they receive.
Psychological Evaluation Services
Our Pennsylvania licensed clinical psychologists provide diagnostic psychological evaluations to diagnose an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Assessments include evaluation of records (school, medical, etc.); telephone, email and face to face contact; assessment scoring; and completion of an interpretation and diagnostic evaluation.
Respite Services
Respite Services provides temporary support for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism or for those in recovery from mental illness. While individuals use Respite Services, they continue to receive comprehensive and individualized supports based on their needs. The Adult Community Autism Program offers respite for adults with autism.
Service Dogs
Susquehanna Service Dogs trains service dogs, hearing dogs, balance dogs, service dogs for veterans, facility dogs, in-home service dogs and companion dogs to assist children and adults to live more independent lives. Each dog is specially trained to perform specific tasks based on each person's unique needs.
Supported Employment
Individuals receive support to successfully find and maintain a job. Services include assistance with finding employment, job coaching, or developing a personal business.
Supportive Living
Through Supportive Living Services, men and women learn to become self-sufficient and have many opportunities to grow and explore their interests. Each person receives supports within their own home or apartment or in a home or apartment rented by Keystone.
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