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Community Homes

Four adults seated around a kitchen table play a board game.

Community Homes supports individuals to live in a home within their community. While living in Community Homes, individuals receive support to realize their personal potential and pursue independent, productive and meaningful lives.

Each person typically lives with one to two housemates in a home that is leased or owned by Keystone. While Keystone manages the houses, they are considered to be the homes of the people who live there, and each person is involved in the choice of furniture, design and appearance of the home. Our services are individualized, so each person receives supports that are tailored to their specific needs, goals and dreams.

Services offered within Community Homes may include assisting individuals to make educated and informed choices, nurturing their relationships with others, and providing support to develop hobbies and special interests. We also support them to strengthen their skills in personal care, household management, shopping, money management, meal planning, cooking and caring for their belongings. When necessary, we provide transportation so individuals can find and hold a job, participate in social and recreational activities and go to medical appointments.

Community Homes are known as Community Living Arrangements Key Human Services, Inc. and Residential Living Services in Delaware.

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"I feel very comfortable living here in an IMPACT home. I like that we get to do many activities while we're living here."


"I am so happy that the people who take care of my sister are so compassionate and caring. This past half year has been difficult and her caregivers have been great. Couldn't ask for a better home for her. Thanks to all."

"L is the primary person I depend on. She has been a mature and honest communicator. She is personally involved in S's care, which gives her great insight into his needs. The home has done a great turnaround in training and choosing staff, communicating with family and ensuring S is happy, healthy and safe."

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