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Reasons to Choose the Keystone Family

If you are a family member considering selecting Keystone as an organization that will be responsible for providing services or supports to a loved one, there are many qualities you might want to consider in this important decision.

Qualities and Capacities

  1. Keystone Human Services has a rich history of service. Some areas of our organization have been serving people with disabilities and their families for over eighty years. As a major charitable organization, Keystone is here for the long term and will not have a change in control or ownership. We have deep roots in the community that bring important support and connections to our work. We will be there when you need us.
  2. As an organization, we have a highly developed set of Values and a Vision of working to create a better world.
  3. Our KHS Board of Directors are all volunteers from our local communities. Many have family members who are experiencing a serious mental or physical disability.
  4. We have a deep commitment to families and their important role as a resource to their loved one and their critical role in planning and decision making.
  5. Keystone is a leader in Self Determination, Choice, Individualized Funding and Person Centered Planning.
  6. Keystone has a very highly developed Corporate Integrity Program that assures donors and other funders that the resources placed in our care are used well.
  7. Keystone has broad expertise and experience in intellectual disabilities, mental health, autism, early intervention, early childhood education, pediatric rehabilitation and specialized medical services. We can meet the changing and complex needs of persons with serious challenges.
  8. Keystone is a large, comprehensive community organization and has a long and consistent track record of being able to deliver quality and effective services even in challenging circumstances.
  9. Our size creates a critical mass that allows the maximum amount of resources in our care to go to services.
  10. We have a policy of openness, fully sharing financial and governance information with all our constituencies.
  11. Our full time employees receive generous benefits, including health coverage, life insurance, and annual, holiday and medical leave.
  12. Our employees receive excellent and continuing training and education throughout their career.
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