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Family Focus

This is a remarkable time for people with with mental illness and developmental disabilities. More and more community services are becoming entitlements, or services people have a right to. Self Determination, choice and individualized funding give individuals using services and their families more control over their services than ever before. Pennsylvania has initiated a pilot Medicaid Waiver that for the first time is funding community services for people with autism.

Increasingly community support options include group homes, single apartments with a roommate, or a family living setting. In addition, people can be provided extensive supports in their home whether that be their family home or their own home. Day services, such as supported employment, training, and recreation, are also available to people who live in residential settings or at home. A wide array of services and supports are also available to families caring for a child or adult sibling with autism. Services include case management, mobility training, employment training and opportunities and adult day care.

Keystone provides services to people autism in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware. We have organized this page as a resource for families who have an interest in autism. Though most of our agencies provide services to people with autism, we have also created an agency, Keystone Human Services Mid Atlantic, which is dedicated solely to services and supports to people with autism and their families. Each of the links below offer additional information on Keystone and autism in general. If you would like more information or would like to talk to someone about the many options that are now available, please call Keystone Human Services Mid Atlantic or one of our other offices in your area. For office location, phone numbers and contact information click on the "How can we help" link below.

How can we help - Contact information for families

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