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"Meaningful Lives, Community Connections" Author: Elizabeth Neuville

Elizabeth Neuville

Elizabeth Neuville has over 20 years experience as a human service worker, administrator, advocate, service designer, and evaluator. She has extensive experience designing creative and effective supports for very vulnerable people, and has developed extraordinary employee education programs, developed highly successful person-centered quality initiatives, and built regionally recognized leadership teams.

Ms. Neuville is the Executive Director of The Keystone Institute, an organization which specializes in providing educational experiences for people interested in making life fuller and richer for some of our most vulnerable citizens. She manages the activities of the Keystone Institute while presenting and consulting locally and nationally. She is a leader in Social Role Valorization education, self-determination processes, and the design, implementation, and evaluation of responsive, effective supports that truly meet people’s needs.

Contact information

Elizabeth Neuville
The Keystone Institute, 940 E. Park Dr., Ste. 200, Harrisburg, PA 17111
eneuville @

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