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Person Centered Planning Resources in Pennsylvania

Person Centered Planning is a process that assists people to plan for their future. It is a group of methods of action focused on a particular human being or group of human beings (families, organizations) who want to make a design, drawing or map into the future.

The person for whom the planning is being held is the focus person in this process. The focus person is free to invite anyone whom they feel holds their best interest at heart. This could include family members, friends, community members, etc. These people provide the opportunity, along with the focus person, to think creatively about the resources and supports that might be necessary to implement this plan.

There is more than one way to do Person Centered Planning. Each tool of Person Centered Planning takes as long as is needed as is determined by the focus person or group.

Some key features of Person Centered Planning are:

  • Focus on and driven by the person's strengths, interests and preferences.
  • Focus on capacities and opportunities – establish a vision.
  • The process is flexible, dynamic and informal.
  • Requires collaborative team work with commitment to action.
  • Requires an effective facilitator.

Inherent in this process is a desire by all team members to commit to the desires of the individual at the focus. This informal team will help, along with the aid of an experienced facilitator, the individual realize and attain their dreams and goals which, in a typical service system environment, may not be recognized.

If you'd like to learn more about Person Centered Planning tools, available mentors in Pennsylvania, or just have questions, please contact Pam Seetoo at The Keystone Institute, 717-909-9425, or email to pseetoo @

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