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Mental Health Services Purpose

Purpose tree

The purpose of Keystone Human Services Mental Health Services is to support and empower people on their personal journey of Recovery. While working together, we explore opportunities for the development of community-based, hope-filled relationships. Our intent is to support growth and individual choices that lead to lives filled with dignity, respect and valued social roles.

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Keystone Human Services Mental Health Services is dedicated to providing Recovery-oriented services embracing four components that are designed to create opportunities for

  • Individuals receiving services to gain skills in education and personal empowerment
  • Individuals to sit on a Leadership Council to assist in charting the direction for the future of Keystone’s Mental Health Services’ programs and services
  • Peer Support Recovery Specialists to be integrated throughout the structure of Keystone’s Mental Health Services’ support teams
  • Direct Care Professionals to grow in their understanding of the Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

We see Recovery as a partnership between individuals and Keystone’s Mental Health Services. Like the relationship of the budding flowers and the tree, we need each other to grow. There are many paths to Recovery, and each person will travel their own unique path, just like each bud grows and blossoms individually on the tree. That path may go in many directions and may have its ups and downs, progress and reversals. Like the growth of the tree’s bark, Recovery is not a linear path, but it always leads to growth and is filled with hope for the future.

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