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Mental Health Services Journey to Recovery

A Vision of Partnership

Keystone Community Mental Health Services (KCMHS) is committed to the belief that people experiencing mental illness can and do recover. Our Purpose is to support and empower people on their personal journeys of recovery. By working together with each person, we explore opportunities for community-based, hope-filled relationships. We support growth and individuals choices that lead to lives filled with dignity, respect and valued social roles.

Recovery is a partnership between individuals and KCMHS. We walk side by side with each person as they travel their pathway to recovery, and we ensure that they have a respected voice in the services and supports they receive. The Leadership Council was created as an advisory board of individuals who are walking or have walked with Keystone on their path to recovery, and this Leadership Council provides a voice for people in recovery to be part of the process of system transformation.

The National Consensus on Recovery has identified ten components that play a significant role in individuals' lives while they travel their road to recovery:

  1. Self-Direction

    Each person has control over their own life and choices and can determine what direction their future takes.

  2. Individualized and Person-Centered

    Each person has their own unique path to recovery, based on their personal strengths, needs, preferences, experiences and background. Services and supports are individually tailored for each person.

  3. Empowerment

    Each person has their own voice and has an equal say in the decisions that will impact their lives and the services they receive.

  4. Holistic

    Recovery involves all aspects of a person's life – mind, body, spirit, and community.

  5. Non-Linear

    Recovery is not a step-by-step process, but rather is based on continual growth where occasional setbacks provide an opportunity to learn and make changes.

  6. Strengths-Based

    Each person has unique strengths, gifts and talents that make them who they are. Recovery builds on these strengths so each person can live a full, meaningful life.

  7. Peer Support

    Recovery is based on mutual support. Peers share their stories and build relationships and friendships, giving each other a sense of belonging, community and hope.

  8. Respect

    People in recovery and the people in the community around them must respect each other. When people respect each other, they protect each other's rights, and a mutual feeling of acceptance blossoms.

  9. Responsibility

    Each person must take responsibility for their own journey to recovery. Recovery takes courage to make choices and take action to make changes.

  10. Hope

    Recovery is based on the idea that people can and do recover. This message of hope continually grows as each person is inspired to grow and change.

An important part of the path to recovery is sharing experiences and learning that you are not alone but rather part of a community of supportive people. Through the Peer Support program, individuals who have already walked their pathway to recovery share their experiences and provide support to their peers who are currently making the journey.

Finding Our Voice: Recovery in Our Own Words

Using the principles of the National Consensus on Recovery, the members and alumni of the Leadership Council recently shared their personal stories of recovery in the book Recovery: In Our Own Words. These stories are interwoven with inspirational nature photographs and are a source of hope and inspiration for those making their own journey. Copies of the book are on sale online.

You can also download a printable order form.

Embracing Community Integration

Recovery is based on living a full life as part of the community of one's choice. Community integration builds on an individual's strengths and natural relationships while they live with the realities of mental illness. In this video, one of our Peer Support Recovery Specialists shares her story of recovery.

Inviting the Day video

View the "Inviting the Day" video

We hope you find inspiration and hope in these personal stories of recovery.

Recovery: In Our Own Words


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