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Adult Mental Health Services

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Who We Are

We walk beside men and women on their journey to recovery, and we support growth and individual choices that lead to lives filled with dignity, respect and valued social roles.

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What We Do

We provide community-based services, including Peer Support. Community Residential Rehabilitation Services, Lifesharing, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Intensive Case Management, Supported Employment, and more in Pennsylvania.

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Adult Mental Health Services is committed to supporting and empowering individuals on their personal journey of recovery. While working together, we explore opportunities for the development of community-based, hope-filled relationships. We intend to support growth and positive individual choices that lead to lives filled with dignity, respect and valued social roles.

Through our commitment, we encourage individuals to grow and follow their own unique path to recovery. We believe the path to recovery must be walked in partnership and we are dedicated to ensuring individuals have a voice in the ways we support them. Our Purpose Statement, developed by members of the Leadership Council who are traveling their own paths to recovery, is a true reflection of our dedication to providing services that genuinely address the unique needs of those we support.

Adult Mental Health Services has a long history of providing services for individuals, reaching back to the foundation of Keystone Human Services. Among the services we provide are supportive living, case management, community residential rehabilitation, domiciliary care, peer support, specialized community residence and structured residential services. In addition, we manage the vocational services through Gateway Employment Group, supporting people with disabilities to find meaningful employment opportunities. The Keystone Center in Chambersburg is a licensed psychiatric rehabilitation program, which offers strength-based psychiatric rehabilitation services. We provide services in Pennsylvania.

Service Spotlight

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Keystone Mental Health Services in committed to Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and recently, the Keystone Center in Chambersburg was selected as the Pennsylvania Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services 2014 Program of the Year at their annual conference in April 2014 in State College, PA.

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program gives adults experiencing mental illness the opportunity to build on their strengths as they move toward recovery. Available throughout Keystone Human Services Mental Health Services in Pennsylvania and Maryland, the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program offers services in natural environments, such as the person’s home or community.

One such location is the Keystone Center, located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. It’s a place where people who are experiencing mental illness and reentering the community can develop new skills and friendships. This Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program gives people with mental illness an opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams.

Each person who comes to the Keystone Center works at their own pace, and Keystone’s professional staff work with them, supporting them to succeed.

“I felt respected as soon as I walked through the door,” says Martha. “Being treated like a person from the word “go” makes a big difference in what you want to do.”

Each person who walks through the door has the opportunity to develop an individual rehabilitation plan, a personal health and wellness activities program, and personal computer skills. They are also offered an opportunity to develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, and they learn a variety of recovery-based methods of skill-building.

The Keystone Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Many activities are done in a group setting, but people may also work individually. Transportation is available. 
The Keystone Center is now licensed to provide both site based and mobile services in the community.

In each county where Keystone develops Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, it designs programs unique to that county’s and Managed Care Organization’s needs.

Learn more about the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program.

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