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In-kind Gifts

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Stock and Mutual Funds
One time gifts of stock or mutual funds are important to our work in the community. Gifts of stock and mutual funds provide Keystone with ongoing operational and endowment funding, which allows us to continue in our mission to create opportunities for growth and meaningful life choices so that all people can be valued, contributing members of the community.
You can donate your stock or mutual funds to support a specific service or agency, or you can allow your gift to go where the need is greatest.
Equipment and Personal Property
Keystone Human Services has a wide array of needs for various types of equipment and personal property to assist us in providing our programs and services. Equipment and personal property may include current computers, vehicles, office equipment, furniture, and photographic and video equipment. We can also accept donations of antiques and other tangible assets. If you wish, we can sell such assets and use the proceeds to support our work in the community.
All donations of equipment and personal property must meet the requirements in our acceptance policy and must be in good condition with a value we can apply to our needs. All gifts are tax deductible.
When you donate your vehicle to Keystone Human Services, you're providing a means of transportation for our direct support professionals to support the individuals in our programs so they have the opportunity to participate in activities and employment. Keystone accepts donations of cars, trucks, boats, ATVs and RVs. Your donation may be used in one of our direct support programs or sold and the proceeds designated for use by our programs, depending on our current needs.
Many of the men and women who use Keystone's services dream of taking a vacation. Sometimes, people living together in a community home may not all have access to equal resources or family support. At these times, we need your contributions to support the program so everyone living in a community home can go on vacation together. By donating your vacation home, rental property or time share, you can give someone the opportunity to go on the vacation of their dreams. Typically, individuals take a vacation for one week, accompanied by staff.


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