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How Your Donation Helps

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By donating to the Keystone Partnership, you are supporting thousands of men, women and children to attain their hopes and dreams. Your donation provides valuable resources to support the children and adults who use the services of Keystone Human Services. Keystone’s services support children and adults to live in the community and participate in typical everyday activities.

Your donation assists in supporting the needs of those who use our children and family services, children and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism, and those experiencing mental illness or the challenges of aging. Your contribution may help a child get routine dental and eye exams. It may help an adult move into their first apartment. It may make it possible for a young man or woman to visit their family who lives in another city, state or country. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of the men, women and children Keystone supports in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, parts of Maryland and Delaware, Russia and Moldova.

Thank you for your generous contribution, which enhances the lives of men, women and children we serve.

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Reconnecting with Family: José's Story

José recently had the opportunity to return to his birthplace in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico and visit his family. Accompanied by two of Keystone's staff, he spent two weeks in Puerto Rico. While staying at the Holiday Inn Ponce, he visited many sights, including the oldest fire station in Ponce, the zoo and historical sites of Mayaguez, and the fort in San Juan where Christopher Columbus landed.

Most importantly, José was able to reconnect with his family. He visited his brother and his family in Rio Grande, where his brother owns land with orange and banana trees and passion fruit and has horses and goats. The family had a cookout, where José drank fresh coconut water and passion fruit juice. He and his family spent a wonderful day at Luquillo Beach playing in the water, eating good food and enjoying their time together. José took lots of photos and brought souvenirs back for his mother and friends in Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful time for José and his family.

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